Monetize Your Blog: SEO Tips and Google Ad Monetization

Are you a blogger? What have you done with your blog?

It’s great if you keep sharing consistently about your experience or something useful for your readers.


But, do you know if blogging is not just about writing and sharing, but beyond it!


Maybe most of you already know and have monetized your blog. But some bloggers might not know the ways to monetize their blog.

Oh, wait! Do you have to monetize your blog? Of course the choice is yours.


Let me tell you about my story.


When I was a beginner in “blogging worlds”, I was often surprised by senior bloggers who often received many job offers. They got some products for free, then they wrote the product review. How come? It’s very interesting for me.



Pict: Pixabay



As a beginner, I was only told that I should keep writing consistently so the job would come to me by itself. At that time, I was so curious and could not understand what the relationship between keep writing and job offers? Whether by updating the blogposts consistently then I can earn money?


Since that, I actively upgrade my knowledge about blogs and how to earn money from blogs.


As time goes by, I find that it was true, updating blog posts consistently was the main step to get a job offer. The next step was we need to apply SEO techniques in our blog post.


What is SEO? Are you familiar with SEO?

Alright I will tell you about SEO and also how to monetize your blog. Stay tune!



I came to a blogger gathering hold by Blogger Perempuan Network and ProPS on March 16, 2019. I was really lucky to get much useful insights. The event was held in CoHive Plaza Kuningan, with 2 main speakers : Nunik Utami (Professional Blogger & Content Writer) and Ilona Juwita (CEO ProPS – Google Channel Partner).


The Speakers: Ilona and Nunik (Pict: BPN)


At the end of event, we saw a live cooking demo by Endeus TV that serving salads & smoothies.

Are curious about this event? Let’s go to the sharing session!


Aprie (Blogger Perempuan) was opening the event



How to create google-friendly blogpost article


First speaker, Nunik Utami, present about how to create google-friendly content. Based on her experience as a content writer, author of more than 60 books, and freelance editor, she also shared her knowledge about SEO.


A good content usually include thematic, chronological, informative and provide solution. In essence, the article is useful and needed by people. To create a content which is google-friendly, there are 3 things must be considered: trend, an appropriate title and basic SEO techniques.


nunik utami
First Speaker: Nunik Utami


1. Trend:

You can write articles related to the current topic. For example, in a moment Ramadan you can share delicious recipes for the iftar menu. Such posts will be sought after by many people and of course Google likes it.


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2. Appropriate title:

Choose an interesting title in accordance with the contents. Please note, just an interesting title is not enough. It can even be ugly if it turns out to be clickbait.



3. Basic SEO techniques:


Why SEO is so important?

By implementing SEO, it can increase visits and traffic to our articles. SEO also makes our articles to be indexed by Google and of course SEO affects the DA / PA and our personal branding.


Audience focused on the presentation


How to applied SEO?

For WordPress Platform, you should install YOAST SEO plugin to make it easier for you to apply SEO. So much thing if we want to talk about SEO. But, here is some basic SEO techniques that can be applied for your blog post:


1.     Keyword

To determine keywords, you can do research manually through google search. Type the keywords in the search column, then Google will bring up recommendations for keywords that people often search for.


Usually, I use Neil Patel Ubersuggest to help me find the best keyword for my article. It’s for free. You can also use Google Keyword Planner to search a keyword.



2.     Meta Description

Don’t leave blank this meta description column. Fill in a few sentences that describe the contents of your article and insert keywords in it. How long is the sentence? Uhm, let’s say about 150 words. If you are a WordPress user, YOAST SEO plugin will give a warning if you write too long for the meta description.



Pict: Freepik



3.     Backlink

Enter some backlinks that are relevant to your article, both internal and external backlinks.



4.     Content

An article should meet the writing standards rules. For Indonesian, you can use EBI (Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia) as a standard.



Nunik asserted that sometimes we don’t have to rely solely on SEO since CONTENT IS THE KING! So, present your heart when writing.


I suggest to all beginners: keep writing consistently and always updating your blog with the useful information. Upgrade your skill and create a good quality content. Then, learn the SEO techniques and apply to your article. Please keep in mind that SEO is not everything, but content is the KING!



Google Ad Monetization and Google Channel Partner


Next Session, Ilona Juwita as a Founder of ProPs share her insight about ProPS as a Google Channel Partner and How to Earn More from Your Blog with Google Ad Monetization Solution. Sounds interesting, guys?


Earn more from your blog. How come?


ilona juwita props
Ilona Juwita, CEO ProPS (Pict: BPN)


Well, there are several ways to monetize a blog:

1.     Content Marketing: article production (single/ series), video production (single/ series), sponsored post or underwritten post.

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2.     Social Influencer: social media post (endorser), speaker/ consultant, and trainer.

3.     Affiliate Link: place a affiliate link to your blog or page then commission will be obtained when a purchase occurs.

4.     Advertisement: Ad placement, Format (Banner, Text Ad, Native, Link Ad, Rich Media), Direct & Indirect.

5.     Selling Digital Product (ebook, online course/ web training and workshop, image, photo, video).


Do you have applied some of them? Not yet? To be honest, I just did point 1 and 2 to monetize my blog. For now, the most job offers I receive is single-article productions, sponsored post and social media post endorser.


monetize blog
Ways to Earn Money from Blog




“… actually the majority of blogs on the internet don’t make more than $2.000 per year”.


Oh, what?? $2.000 per year? Not too fantastic but that’s a fair amount for blogger. I haven’t reached that amount for myself. But don’t worry, Ilona said that we have opportunity to earn that.


But, she also explained about some main problems that often faced by bloggers in monetizing advertisements. One of them is about website performance.


To generate large traffic volume, it is important to skip page latency. Page latency is usually caused by too much plugin installed.

Readers expect pages to load in two seconds, and after three seconds, users will abandon your site!


page latency
People get bored with loading pages (pict: freepik)


So, here some tips to eliminate page latency:

–        Look for plugins that consume a lot of storage. Actually, it doesn’t matter to keep a plugin whose storage is large if it’s really needed.

–        If possible, look for alternative plugins that are lighter.

–        Turn off plugin features that are not used.

–        Avoid two or more plugins that have similar functions.

–        Disable settings for features that are not used.



Low viewability in a website is caused by responsive layout website. What’s it mean?

Well, check where your traffic comes from… mobile or PC? Recently, most of traffic comes from mobile phone since reader more often use their mobile phone instead of PC, right?


mobile vs pc
Mobile vs PC (pict: freepik)



So, it’s important for blogger to set a mobile friendly layout. Then, Ilona suggest not to put widgets on the right side of desktop since in mobile version, it will be push away to the bottom page.



Let’s move on the platform to ads monetization. There are some platform: Google AdSense (Google AdS), Google Ad Manager (DoubleClick Ad Exchange/ Google AdX).


What’s the difference of them?


google ads
The difference between Google AdS vs Google AdX


Simply, payment of Google AdS is based on Pay per Click (CPC), while in Google AdX payment is based on Pay per Impression (CPM).

Of course I’m more interested in Google AdX, are you?


Well, requirements for Google AdX is also more more more difficult! Let’s see…


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Google AdX

Google AdX

Minimum of traffic volume needed is 20M pageview/ month! ((rolling eyes)). That’s why Google AdX is still so hard to bloggers. Meanwhile, some premium publisher in Indonesia such as, already use this Google AdX.



ProPS as a Google Channel Partner


Have you ever heard about ProPS? ProPS is a Google Channel Partner in Indonesia. Simply, it’s like an extension of Google in Indonesia. The existence of ProPS is to be a bridge between advertiser and publishers/ bloggers in terms of advertising.



As a Google Channel Partner, ProPS can use Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange to monetize publisher ads. FYI, not all publisher have opportunity to get Google Ad Exchange’s access. Some publisher in Indonesia who have used ProPS’s service among others Hipwee, Female Daily, Mommies Daily, Guesehat, Bareksa, Boombastis, Resepkoki.



ProPS helps publisher, include blogger if there are problems related to advertising and need to get fast response to address their problem.



Global Content


At the end of the session, Ilona gave enlightenment to the audience regarding the global content.


Through the internet, website visitors can come from anywhere, including those who use different languages. How much content we produce can attract their attention?



So, there is a BIG OPPORTUNITY for blogger to create a global content. By this way, our content can target international traffic, able to bring demand to the global audience target, and also increase the RPM (Revenue Per Mille/ revenue per 1000 impressions).


I discuss with Sisil, ProPS team, she inform me that there are 5 popular niches that are still many in demand: Female, Travelling, Finance, Property, and E-commerce…


So, if blogger can focused on these niches and target global audience it will be very good!


Upon returning from this event, I am excited to monetize my blog as soon as possible! In fact, I have created a new blog focusing on niche travel and targeting global content.


This is my another (new) blog with focusing on traveling. But, it’s still blank, xo xo xo.




At the end of event, people from Endeus TV showed us how to make a smoothies and salad. Yeah! Thank you Blogger Perempuan Network for this gathering.  Besides getting knowledge about SEO and blog monetization, audience also got delicious desert recipes and can taste them.


Cooking demo to serve salad and smoothies by Endeus TV



Delicious Salad


blogger perempuan
We are member of Blogger Perempuan Network






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